Over the past decade, Greenwood & Associates has successfully brought together the best available expertise to help business and government clients address challenges and take full advantage of opportunities in the fields of environment and sustainability.

Greenwood & Associates draws on a network of local, regional, national and international experts to create a customized team and provide the best specialists and advice to meet the client's needs.

Greenwood & Associates helps private sector clients develop and advance project proposals, providing strategic advice, marketing strategies and assistance in accessing key government officials.

Greenwood & Associates also helps clients navigate various approval processes, including Ontario's environmental assessment process, and facilitates partnerships between business and government, between government agencies, and between government clients in differing jurisdictions.

Greenwood & Associates works with clients to communicate and promote sustainability initiatives and environmental technologies to businesses and municipalities in Ontario.

Greenwood & Associates offers expertise in creating and managing special events for clients, such as workshops and meetings to increase public awareness and provide information on emerging environmental and sustainability issues such as brownfields remediation, eco-efficiency, green power and alternative energy.